"Let go of being ...and just be."

Portal Improvisation Program – Awareness Through Dance

Lessons that combine elements from the worlds of dance and improvisation and incorporating the approach of Moshe Feldenkrais. Inviting us to explore our body through movement as a way to expand self-awareness, to hone movement skills, and to realize the creative potential.

Improve improvisation skills while learning the structure of the skeleton, exploring potential and coping with limitations. Find the correct tonus/muscle tone and the accurate operation of joints and muscles to avoid overload. Improvise with music, rhythm and sound, and concentrate on breathing, while practicing observation and developing a sense of presence. Recognizing actual physical reality enables more freedom of expression and expands inner space for dance - together in a group, in duets and in solos.

No previous experience is required.

2019/20 Registration Now Open
Thursdays 10:00-13:00, RAK Studio, Pardes Hannah
For details and registration, please contact Ifat 052-3854408