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Tena, Ein Shemer
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Ela, 052-2284111

"The dervishes dance around the sun of divine love, joining hands to express unity, bowing to each other as the blessing flows on from soul to soul."


Portal Prep Dance Program - Rabia

Practical vocational training and a spiritual journey through the study of the choreography of "Rabia" which is characterized by a unique and exceptional dance language incorporating contemporary dance and folklore.

Rabia offers a path to explore a new dance language that links the physical and the spiritual, introducing an ancient tradition filled with the energy of light and love to current contemporary dance to enable the creation of another dance.

This exploratory journey culminates in a full performance of Rabia, sharing with the audience the captivating uplifting sensation generated through this unique dance.

For dancers with modern contemporary dance and folklore backgrounds.


The creation of "Rabia" was inspired by Rabia al-Adawiya, the 8th century Sufi mystic woman who through love, compassion and simplicity, heralded the concept of Sufism. This dance incorporates Persian Sufi music and is dedicated to the works of Jalal al-Din Rumi, the greatest mystical poet of the 13th century.


"Time stops as my body becomes merely a frequency, a large vessel of water echoing with tenderness and passion. The years I had danced taught me to be discerning in my movement and confident in my pace. I want to share this with other dancers, to teach it, and to pass it on, as a language, as a way of life, allowing a relaxed stay in essence and body, joyfully rekindling the dancing spirit."