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Tena, Ein Shemer
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Karina 050-3403456

"Like water seeping into the rock, with the same patience and devotion we stay in this time and moment, allowing the body to let go of its weight and burden."


Portal Awareness Through Belly Dance

A focused and profound practice, exploring the link to the root of movement and awareness of body and self.

A unique practice method developed by teacher, dancer and choreographer Orly Portal over many years of study of the movement of the pelvis and the body, from belly dancing through the dance tradition of the of Barber and Gnawa tribes of the Sahara desert region. Identify and change habits to improve body and mind function.

Incorporating various approaches that include mindful floor practice to tune the body for dance, and exploring the deeper sense of basic belly dancing movement with an emphasis on extending gentle vibrations from the pelvis to the body.

No previous experience is required.


"I have encountered cracks of darkness and light every day. The progress was very slow but constant and satisfying at the core. Then I could hear the ripples of water, like the softest flutter, penetrating the clefts of pain and memory and flooding them with healing water."